BioCranial Therapy

Bio Cranial is a gentle, “crack free” therapy.

A Bio Cranial treatment balances the nervous system, allowing you to rest and relax as you heal. It’s a fantastic treatment option for children, as well as those who are looking for more gentle alternative to regular chiropractic. Bio Cranial has been shown in particular to help those with fibromyalgia, chronic pain, migraines, cerebral palsy, back pain, concussions, torticollis, and sciatica. This therapy safe for babies, children, adolescents, adults, and elders.
A typical treatment starts with a musculoskeletal assessment, followed by gentle activation of points along the spine. The practitioner then gently stretches the patient’s neck. There is no jerking, popping, or sudden movement. The patient typically feels a firm but gentle stretch in the muscles on the side of the neck toward the shoulder. This position is held for a few seconds, and then repeated on the other side. This stretch serves to stimulate the dura – the layer of tissue surrounding the spinal column. This encourages a rebalancing on the autonomic nervous system, which in turn dampens pain signals and releases patterns of muscular tension. Most patients feel calm, relaxed, and more balanced in their bodies after a treatment.
Building on the foundations of his training as a chiropractic physician, Dr. Norman Price augments Bio Cranial sessions with other gentle, “crack-free” chiropractic techniques to progressively reduce tension and blockages in the entire cranial and spinal systems.