Hormone Support for Men

Hormones have an incredible effect on a man’s health, affecting mood, energy, libido, muscle mass, weight, cholesterol production, and more.

We understand the unique health challenges that men face. We are here to help men with known diagnoses (such hypothyroidism, low testosterone, depression, anxiety, erectile dysfunction) as well as those who “just aren’t feeling right.”

Each case is approached individually, involving a comprehensive intake and testing of hormone levels. We also understand the importance of nutrition on hormone health, and therefore also screen male patients for nutritional deficiencies.

Treatment is unique to each man, and may involve nutritional support, lifestyle counseling, botanical therapies, supplements, HCG, and/or testosterone replacement therapy (TRT).

Dr. Zelfand explains the different types of hypogonadism (aka “Low T”):

Thank you to “BigNoKnow” for featuring Dr. Zelfand in this whimsical episode of his YouTube channel, and for allowing us to post it here.