Oregon Immunization Video

Medical freedom is your right in the state of Oregon (unlike in California, New York, and other states). You have the right to decline vaccines for yourself and your children. In order to get this exemption, however, the State requires that guardians first watch this video and click through all the prompts. At the end of the video is a certificate. Be sure to print out at many certificates as you have children (or just 1 for yourself), and keep copies for your records. The certificate is all you need to turn in to school/camp/etc. when they ask for vaccine records. Likewise, if you get a threatening letter from your child’s public school saying s/he can’t come to school until x, y, and z vaccines are administered, that is not true. All that’s needed is proof that you either got the vaccine or conscientiously declined it and got an exemption; the certificate is all they need to have on file.

Managing Reactions to Vaccination

This guide, created by Dr. Zelfand, is meant for parents to consult when they suspect their child is having a negative reaction to a vaccine. This is meant for established patients only; always check with your doctor before starting any new treatments.

Book ~ The Vaccine-Friendly Plan, by Paul Thomas, MD

Written by our dear friend and next door neighbor, Dr. Thomas boldly outlines his healthcare plan and vaccine approach from birth through the teen years.

Book ~ The Vaccine Book, by Robert Sears

A must read for any parent trying decide how to vaccinate their children.

Book ~ Vaccinations: A Thoughtful Parent’s Guide by Aviva Romm

The ever-lovely Aviva Romm explains the ins and outs of vaccinating babies and young children.

Documentary ~ Vaxxed

A doctor, a medical journalist, a researcher, and a mother of a vaccine-injured child team up to deliver this powerful documentary that really digs into the question: Do vaccines cause autism?

The CDC’s Suggested Vaccination Schedule

Hotly contended, this is the Center for Disease Control’s proposed vaccination schedule for all children.

VIS (Vaccine Information Statement) Sheets

These are the forms that should be made available to all patients/parents during vaccine visits.


Hepatitis A

Hepatitis B


HPV (Gardasil)

Influenza, Inactivated

Influenza, Intranasal

Meningococcal (Trumenba)

Meningococcal (Menveo)