Natural Primary Care

What happens when the “check engine” light turns on in your car? Does the mechanic clip the wire to the light? Or does she look under the hood to see what’s wrong with the engine?

We know there’s more to medicine than using superficial methods to make symptoms go away.

We work to identify and treat the root causes of your health complaints so that your healing can be genuine, sustainable, and long-lasting.

We also focus on nutritional, lifestyle, and other factors to prevent illness before it occurs.

By blending the best of conventional Western medicine and natural therapies, we offer our patients an individualized and holistic approach to health.

How is Primary Care at Natura Different?

Aside from our functional medicine-oriented approach to healthcare and our mastery of both conventional and natural therapies, you might find something very different about our clinic: the easy, breezy pace.

Our staff is small and our doctors spend plenty of time with you during your visit – long enough to drink a cup of tea with you and really get a sense of what’s going on with your health.

Unlike the chaos of some other clinics – which can at times feel more like factories than like places of healing – we keep it friendly and calm at Natura.

Plus we treat both kids and adults – making Natura a medical home for your whole family.

We also offer a state of the art secure patient portal, where you can send your doctor messages, view lab results, see upcoming scheduled appointments, and even view treatment plans from previous visits.

Therapies We Use Include

Nutritional Counseling

Lifestyle Counseling

Constitutional Hydrotherapy

Dietary Supplementation

Botanical Medicine


Flower Essences

Bio-Therapeutic Drainage and other Energetic Therapies

Osseous Manipulation (similar to Chiropractic)

Soft Tissue Release

Pelvic Floor Physical Therapy

Auricular Acupressure & Ear Seeds

Injection of Nutrients and Medications

Intravenous (IV) Injections

Minor Surgery (placing sutures and removing skin tags)

Over-the-Counter Medications (OTCs)

Pharmaceutical Prescriptions

Bio-Identical Hormone Prescriptions (bHRT)

Compounded Pharmaceutical Prescriptions

Referrals as Needed to Specialists

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