Neural Therapy & Neural ProloTherapy for Pain

Neural Therapy & Neural Prolotherapy are effective treatments for injuries, scars, and ongoing pain.

By nourishing the subcutaneous nerves – the small nerves that lie just underneath the skin – these therapies treat joint, tendon, ligament, and muscle pain and reduce inflammation.

The inflammation that happens with severe or chronic pain is different than common inflammation, and often cannot be treated by anti-inflammatory medication or cortisone shots alone.

By injecting procaine (in the case of neural therapy) or a glucose solution (in the case of neural prolotherapy) with a very thin needle just under the surface of the skin, we assist in the repair of the outer nerve covering, or perineurium. Healing the connective tissue in this way reduces inflammation and can relieve pain both short and long term.

Treatments take 15 to 30 minutes and can be done during regular office visits, or scheduled as shorter sessions. Typically a series of 4 to 10 treatment sessions is recommended to achieve lasting pain resolution.