The Fever Class

Fevers are often demonized, but they’re an essential part of the immune system’s effective response to infections. Having some good fevers can even strengthen the immune system.

In fact, people who have fevers not only recover from the flu more quickly, but also have lower risk of developing autoimmune and allergic conditions later in life!

If they last for too long or get too high, however, fevers can also be dangerous.

We now also have a ton of research showing that acetaminophen (Tylenol), a medication often recommended by pediatricians to help lower fevers, is associated with a higher risk of autism spectrum disorders and learning disabilities! (Yikes!)

So… what’s a parent to do when they have a kiddo with a fever?

Or what’s an adult to do when they’re sick with the flu and can’t miss work?

Come get educated, inspired, and empowered in

The Fever Class

with Dr. Erica Zelfand

at Natura Integrative Medicine

11790 SW Barnes Road, #120

Portland, OR 97202

Topics we will cover include:

  • The benefits of having a fever.
  • Tips on when you can manage a fever at home,and strategies on how to reduce fevers safely
 at home.
  • Guidelines on when it’s time to go see a doctor.
  • A summary of recent studies on the Tylenol controversy
  • Home therapies and simple herb formulations to use on your children and loved ones to help them bounce back faster when they get sick

As always, Dr. Zelfand will provide you with an engaging lecture, plenty of handouts, and answers to your questions and concerns.

Registration is Now Closed.

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